Christmas Dinner Tables can be Perfect

The  Christmas dinner – the dinner that is most anticipated of the whole year should be enjoyable and delicious. The whole family together around one table is one of the most magical moments of Christmas – so enjoy it and make the most of it.

This is the meal where everyone will probably spend a long time sitting at the table, so comfort is important. Make sure you have plenty of seating for everyone, and if the chairs are a bit hard or uncomfortable, provide a cushion. You could make your own pretty festive cushions, Makeover Christmas fabrics are great for this, adding a festive and comfortable touch to the chairs. You could also use the material to make a tablecloth.

Festive plates and glasses are a lovely touch, there are a wide variety of Christmas plates and glasses available, if you have a colour scheme in mind in particular, look out for ones that are would go well with that, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You could even try your hand at making a personalized festive wine glass for everyone with some glass paints if you are feeling creative!

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Make the table a festive centerpiece. A bunch of flowers in a pretty vase in festive colours always goes down well, or how about a giant snow globe? Sprinkle silver star confetti or snowflakes around the table for a bit of festive sparkle.

Do you set up by the real fire and roast your family or just rely on the heating to keep cosy?.  If your a little worried that your heaters are looking a little old school then maybe think about getting some column radiators from a business apollo radiators

Don’t forget the crackers! Paper hat wearing is a must at the Christmas dinner table, and who doesn’t love the jokes?! If you want the crackers to be a bit more personalised, why not make your own – you can put an individual gift in for each guest.

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The key to the perfect dinner is organisation – plan the meal well in advance, and make sure you find out if anyone coming has any special dietary requirements, for example here are a few good vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes .Whatever food you are serving, it is a good idea to make a list of everything that you need – doing your food shopping online is a great way to avoid the Christmas crowds at the supermarket! Try and prepare as much as possible beforehand so that on the big day you can relax and enjoy yourself as much as your guests.