How To Look Chic and Cool This  Summer

Dressing up during summer can be challenging, especially with all the heat waves that we’ve experienced during the last few years. When it comes to creating the perfect summer outfit, you can’t go wrong with Instagram for inspiration. However, since there are so so many fashion trends out there this season, it can be hard to decide what works best for your style. We have compiled five trends that will help you look chic and cool no matter where you go this summer.

Flowy florals

Floral prints are always popular during the summer months so why not give them a try this season? Whether you’re going for a flowy chiffon dress or a blouse that you can pair both with work trousers and a mini-skirt, this print is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident wherever you go. To complete your flirty ensemble add in some playful accessories like boho flower crowns and tasseled bags which will have you looking oh-so chic!

Tropical prints

Nothing says “summer” more than tropical prints! This clothing is usually associated with vacation outfits, but it can also be easily incorporated into your day-to-day outfits if you pair it with neutrals and make it the accent piece of your look. Choose eye-catching patterns featuring bold colors such as orange, yellow, and red that will make any outfit pop this season no matter where you go. Hawaiian shirts are the go-to option for any occasion, but if you feel particularly daring, a maxi dress is exactly what you need.

Smart layering

Layering is important during all seasons, not just the cold ones, and in summer it comes especially handy when the temperatures drop during the night. For keeping yourself warm no matter how cold the night is, get a knit Irish cardigan made of merino wool: this fabric is lightweight and breathable, so you won’t feel too hot, and it also has an interesting design that will help you stand out from the crowd. Get yourself an Irish cardigan, nowadays they are easy to be found online in Irish shops at in a neutral color and throw it on any outfit you decide to wear this summer to get a warm and comfortable look.


If this summer you feel like going for a boho-inspired look, fringe garments are a must in your wardrobe. By adding fringe skirts, jackets, and dresses to your looks, you will get fun, flirty, and creative outfits that will be great for going to a music festival, a date, or simply a long walk in the park. A midi skirt or a fit dress in neutral tones is perfect for this type of look, and for accessories just add some ankle or cowboy boots paired with a large bag and a headpiece in vibrant colors to complete the outfit.

Summer basics

Lastly, as much as we enjoy fun prints and intricate patterns, let’s not forget about the basics that will always make the perfect outfit when you’re not sure what to wear. Choose versatile pieces in neutral colors that can be easily mixed and matched so you won’t spend more than two minutes getting dressed. Opt for garments made of breathable fibers such as cotton and linen so that you can feel fresh regardless of how hot it is outside. If you want to make a basic look more creative, use chunky accessories and bold shoes such as colorful sneakers or even high heels.