Best cozy winter present ideas

Although the Christmas season has passed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your loved ones happy by giving them presents, especially without an official cause like a holiday.

Whether one of your friends or family members celebrates their birthday this winter or you’re looking to surprise someone with an unexpected gift, we have a few ideas of cozy presents that are sure to cheer everyone up and help them during the next cold couple of months.

Tea collection

Do you know anyone in your family or friend circle who likes to stay inside all day and would much rather spend their evening reading a book than going out? Great, we have the ideal present idea for them! A fancy tea collection is something that one would definitely want but never get for themselves. Get your tea-lover friend a nice box filled with all sorts of leaves or packs from the classic green and black tea to the much more sophisticated rooibos and white tea and you’ll surely see his eyes light up when receiving his present. If you want to make this gift even more special and considerate, you can assemble it yourself; hop on Pinterest to look for ideas, and don’t forget to add little snacks that you know the receiver prefers.

Chunky cardigan

Sweaters are usually regarded as a wonderful present idea, but why aren’t people talking more about how great cardigans are? While warm and comfortable as a sweater, cardigans are more practical and versatile, since they can also be worn instead of a jacket and simply taken off if the temperature gets too high. Plus, what better way to spend a winter night than cocooned in a toasty cardigan with a hot beverage in your hands, enjoying a winter movie, or having a Disney marathon? I personally love Irish cardigans from Keilys; these garments are made of merino wool which makes them perfect for winter, but they can also be worn all year round. The intricate Aran knit design gives the Irish cardigan a traditional look and this present is sure to be far more enjoyable than a classic sweater.


Nothing screams cozy more than something that can keep you warm and toasty, protected from the cold outside world. The heated throw blanket would be the classic go-to choice for when you want to show the receiver of the gift that you care about them, especially if it is a weighted blanket that will also help them relax better. Slippers are also a popular cozy gift idea that everyone would be glad to receive and on particularly cold winter nights they can even be worn to sleep. A foot warmer can also make an excellent present, but it will be far less versatile than classic slippers. This gift will not only be cozy and thoughtful but also extremely useful, as with the skyrocketing prices for energy bills many people try to touch the thermostat as little as possible.