Top Tips for Layering Garments This Autumn

With summer almost over, it’s nearly time to pack away the shorts and flip-flops for another year and turn your attention towards autumn/winter fashion.

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Thanks to the interchangeable nature of the British seasons, you’ll find that the temperature can fluctuate dramatically during autumn – possibly more so than any other season. An article in Esquire examines the ways that you can dress for the ‘cooling outdoor air’ and ‘the heat of public transport’ simultaneously. Unsurprisingly, one of the key ways to do this is by layering.

Luckily, layering can be a stylish and practical way to dress this autumn. Here are some key garments to embrace your layers this autumn.

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The Cardigan

The notion of the humble cardigan as being ‘OAP wear’ is highly outdated. These days, cardigans can be super-stylish, not to mention highly practical for those days when it’s not quite cool enough for a coat. From grungy, chunky knits to lightweight wools, a cardigan looks great with a tie, a slogan tee, collared Farah shirts from and everything in between. There are even types of temperature-regulating wool that keep you cool or warm depending on your body temperature. What more can you ask for?

The ‘Shacket’

Think thick shirt meets light jacket and you’ve pretty much nailed this hybrid outer garment. The ultimate layering garment, this can be thrown over a t-shirt and worn as piece outerwear in its own right, while still being thin enough to go under a coat on colder days.

Tracksuit Tops and Hoodies

At some point, we’ve probably all had a slouchy hoodie or tracksuit top thrown in the back of our wardrobe. Versatile, comfortable and just easy to throw on, the hoodie and tracksuit have developed somewhat of an unfortunate reputation over the last few decades. But now they are experiencing a revival and are considered high fashion in many circles.

The Slouchy Blazer

Slouch and blazer might be two words you aren’t used to seeing together, but it is a contemporary and practical look. An unstructured blazer lacks the rigid tailoring of traditional blazers, which makes for a roomier fit designed to go over the top of t-shirts, jumpers, and shirts. The casual fit also makes it versatile, so it can be worn with jeans as well as suit trousers.